It won't stop until you're up and running

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The only way to turn off alarms is by solving brainteasers. 14-3x12= easy, right? Try it first time in the morning.


Make sure that you wake up with additional features like flashlight strobe, snooze limit and irritating sound.

Wake-up Poke

All that and you still go back to sleep? We'll check if you're still in bed and set off the alarm again. And again.

"I'm a super sound sleeper and absolutely HATE waking up in the morning. Previously, setting 8-10 alarms to try and get up. Since downloading this app, only need the one!"

Morgan H.

"Best Alarm Ever! My whole family uses it and thanks to this alarm were on time thanks you so much!"

Fran H.

"I'm pretty resilient when it comes to waking up, but by the time I get through the puzzles Im up for good. I love to hate this app."

David N.

Still Not Convinced?

Maybe this big ol' list of features will help!


Standard is enough. Try Pro if you need more.


  • Multiple Puzzles
  • Multiple Power-ups
  • Wake-up Poke


$3.99 pay once
  • Hard Puzzles
  • More Power-ups
In-app purchase

Frequently Asked Questions

Can't find an answer? Don't hesitate to reach out!.

How to delete alarms?

In alarms list swipe the alarm left or right.

How to change alarm volume?

Puzzle Alarm uses your phone's alarm volume for all alarms. You can change it in the app settings.