BIG! caller ID

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Best full screen caller ID out. Pictures come in crisp and sync with Facebook.
— Frank
Three words. Nice, clear and large
— Andre
Just love it. Best caller ID app for Android.
— Dani


High quality photos

In our view, most of the today's smartphones waste the greater part of the screen. Why the photo of a caller is displayed in a small square with black background if the screen of your phone is bigger than 4 inches ? 

BIG! caller ID makes use of the whole screen and display high-quality photos. That's what you wanted to see on your new smartphone.




Facebook integration with albums browsing

Facebook is a great source of high-quality and up-to-date photos of your friends. If auto sync won't match all of your contacts, you can do it efortlessly with our card-based sync tool.

Later, you will be able to browse your friends albums and assign them other pictures instead of a profile photo. To do so, touch a friend's name in the app's contact list to open their profile.



Change the look with additional themes

Choose the theme that suits you best. Different buttons, text fields and default caller photos will add colour to your caller ID screen. 

Download our free additional themes, a few come with with animated elements and photo effects. Check out also our users' themes in Google Play. Scroll down for details.



Full-screen SMS messages

Not only can you be delighted with HD photos when calls come in but also when you receive text messages.

You will see the sender's name, number of unread messages and the time of reception. We do not display the body of the message, so nobody will read it without knowing your phone's unlock pattern. 

Stay tuned for full-screen missed calls screen!




Make it yours

Personalize the app even further than by downloading themes. Touch one of the installed themes, and choose "edit".

Feel free to move buttons all over the screen by holding and dragging them (then menu - apply for all screens),

Change buttons behavior from click to swipe or hold,

Hide speaker button.



Free additional themes 

click to go to Google Play


ICS Theme

ICS Theme

Retro Theme with old photo effect

Retro Theme with old photo effect

Galaxy Theme

Galaxy Theme

New York Theme

New York Theme

Leather Theme

Leather Theme

Animated Valentine's Day Theme

Animated Valentine's Day Theme

We allow users to create their own themes, and upload them to Google Play Store. Click here to check them out.