BIG! caller ID version 3.0 is up and running. 

It took us quite a lot of time to finish this large redesign, but we are happy to hear that you like the direction we're going. We're rolling out the update gradually, so you might have to wait a bit more to get it on your device.

New features include: 

  • More features of a contacts list: you can call, text, send emails from your friends' profiles.
  • 3 views of contacts list: list with small thumbnails, 2 and 3 photo tiles (choose by tapping the app name in the action bar).
  • We moved Settings and Themes menu to the navigation drawer following the recent guidelines outlined by Google - to access it you need to swipe from left egde of the screen or tap the app icon in the action bar.
  • We added Google+ and Dropbox as sources of photos. 
  • Timer is now available in the caller ID screen. 
  • You can choose sources of your contacts to be displayed in the list (Google contacts / Facebook / Skype / etc). 
AuthorPrzemek Tomulik