Getting started

The first things you should do after downloading BIG! caller ID: 

  1. Press Sync Photos to bulk download photos from Facebook, phone contacts (these ones will get blurry if they are small). You can also assign pictures for specific people by entering their profiles - where you can use Facebook, Google+, Dropbox, phone contacts or phone gallery as source. Remember to choose high definition photos for the best experience.
  2. With ON/OFF switches, enable contacts whose full-screen photos will be displayed when they call or text you. You can do it with up to five contacts in the free version.
  3. Check if the app is enabled for incoming, outgoing calls and SMS in Settings
  4. Check a few of the additional themes and browse Google Play Store for more themes by our users. 


Frequently asked questions

I linked a wrong Facebook profile with a contact. How to change it? 

Just enter their profile, click the "more" button in action bar at the top, and select "Reset to default photo". It will break the link with Facebook.


Useful things to know

  • Incoming full-screen SMS will not pop up when you use the phone, so that it will not interrupt your flow. They will be displayed only when the phone is locked or in home screen.
  • You can reject calls with SMS by pulling the black drawer from the bottom of the incoming call screen. You can set a custom SMS in Settings.

Android limitations

There are a few restrictions in Android system which limit the availability of functions in this sort of caller ID replacements:

  • In about 10 per cent of phones the operating system forces the use of the stock caller ID screen which makes "Answer" button in BIG! caller ID useless. It is not possible to list these phones as it varies with numerous models and optimization of system versions. Sometimes reinstalling the app fixes the problem. 
  • You can experience a few-seconds delay before a full screen photo is displayed. This happens because BIG! caller ID is not a stock caller ID screen replacement (and cannot be) but is layed on top of it.  The delay varies with different phones.
  • Dialpad in external apps is locked. When you press dialpad button in BIG! caller ID the shortcut will take you to your stock caller ID screen when you can use the stock one. 
  • Call time is also blocked in external apps, so we cannot retrieve information when a caller picks up the phone. This is why we measure it from the moment you place a call. 
  • Second call and conference calls are unavailable for the same reason, Android restrictions. 
  • In dual-SIM phones the app works only with the main SIM card.

Issues we know about and we are working on

  • Only stock SMS app is available when you press text button after a call.
  • From time to time Facebook modifies its SDK which needs to be updated to work. We are updating BIG! caller ID with the new SDK versions as soon as possible, but notify us if you see it has changed and is not working.