Puzzle Alarm Clock

Love it to the point that’s it’s so frickin annoying but does the job.
— Christina
Most annoying, most perfect It’s clean, simple and persistent. I love and hate it so much!
— Micah
I haven’t been late getting up once now! I may end up needing a new phone though - put the hard settings and ended up throwing my phone but I woke up and it got me out of bed. It’s Amazing !
— Scarlett


5 ways to turn it off 

Try different modes of turning alarms off, and choose the most annoying. 

QR code or NFC tag will force you out of the bed in order to scan it, Shake will be your morning work out with adjustable number and the strength of shakes, and Puzzle will check if your brain is awake enough through the four types of puzzles with three difficulty levels. You can also set a casual, press-the-button mode.



Forcing you out of bed

Two wake up modes - QR and NFC will force you to get out of bed and walk with your phone to turn off the alarm. Hang QR code or NFC tag somewhere away from bed. Another room or bathroom will work best!

Download QR code sheet here.



Making sure you wake up

Put the check mark next to Check if I'm awake function, and five minutes after dismissing the alarm you will need to click on a notification or else the alarm will go off again.

If you're afraid you might sleep through the alarm, you can set an emergency person who will receive a text message in case you don't turn off the alarm on time.